Versus Fall 2010

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually loved a lot of the looks at Versus.  You can definitely see Christopher Kane's influence in the dresses (bodices and pleated skirts, anyone?), but the material is much more typical Versace.  I could do without all of that cheap looking satin.

You can tell that they've seriously thought about how to execute this collection so as to create the most revenue... the bags and short dresses will definitely appeal to the younger Versace customers.  It's slightly trashy yes, but still so pretty for the most part.


  (images via style.com)


  1. Christopher Kane did a great job! I like it too! I never liked Versus before.

  2. The pleated skirt is great. I also can't believe how enjoyable this collection is for Versus...

  3. I know! I need that Lonely Hearts one, stat.