Jefferson Hack

"I interviewed Patti Smith in bed. She fell asleep during the interview, and I just kept the tape recorder going translating the silence and the electric dreams she was having. I did an underwater interview with Bjork but that didn't come out quite as well. Bono called me when he was driving in Ireland and he crashed into a roundabout, but the best interview I have ever done is when I gave Thom Yorke the tape recorder and asked him to take it home and do it himself. A week later I got a fedex envelope with the tape inside. It was 90 minutes of sheer psychoanalytical genius. Perhaps I am an anti interviewer. "

- Jefferson Hack for Glass Magazine


  1. Sometimes I think of trying some journalistic job.
    And hi, I'm Masha.

  2. Those are some very interesting 8 lines of text. The guy is amazing!