The infamous Chanel temporary tattoos.  I don't know how to feel about them - part of me wants to love them and, let's be honest if you gave me a pack I'd slap them on in an instant, but there's something so .... lame about them.  Only in the sense that Karl can do anything and make it "cool".

Fake tattoos? Sure.  Fur boots with clear plastic heels? Chic. Threesome amongst the hay? Why not.  (Admittedly, there is something fantastic about seeing Freja, Baptiste and Lara roll around all sexy and what not.)

As individual as fashion oriented people claim to be, we're really not.

Well, not when it comes to Karl. I haven't quite decided whether this is a negative thing.  Where would fashion be if there was no one around to follow?

(Side note: The lady in the photo above is the fashion editor for Elle China, and her name is Leaf Greener. What?)

(image: Hanneli)


  1. i agree, there was also that chanel "shopping bag", looked like a shopping bag but was made out of leather and surely cost an immense sum of money... sometimes it makes me think that luxury has collapsed on itself. i'm not a hater, lagerfield has produced so many beautiful things, but the whole "let's do it because we can" mentality - which is what i sense it is - can be a bit absurd.

  2. I think the fake tatoo is a little bad taste actually, even if it is Chanel.

  3. everything you said is so true... but it's all in good fun i guess! i love reading about chanel, seeing people wear those tattoos, etc, but when it comes to my own personal fashion, i wouldn't actually wear the stuff.


    fall in love with a shooting star...

  4. I kind of love the Chanel tattoos, but I'd never spend cash on them. Here's a download of scans of the tattoos, in case you'd like them on paper ;)


    (Fur boots with clear heels is too extreme for me, though.)