Balmain, etc.

Not going to blog in much detail about Balmain, because you just know that bloggers everywhere will be raving about it.  In all honestly, it's nothing new. Decarnin is sticking to what he knows.  I do, however, love the coats (but that's about all).

(images via tfs)


  1. I agree. Opulent and sparkly, furry and tight...meh. Nothing new, just pretty to look at. The chain stores will rip this off in no time cos they know this crap sells.

    I like the coats too and am glad my leather pants get another season...money well spent there then.

  2. i agree completely, nothing new but those coats are neat! what mad furs.

  3. it's true Balmain is not everywhere but I just love the whole utility style! there's nothing better than a Balmain jacket x