print is dead.

I've loved Oyster Magazine since I realised it existed.

Can't exactly say I'm impressed with the new layout; but I am glad to see it's still alive after they didn't release a dec-jan issue.

Only one standout editorial this issue... the rest were too fetish for my taste.

Sorry Oyster. Still have high hopes for upcoming issues.

(Oyster Magazine via tfs)


  1. I really like you blog, added you to my follow list! Thanks for the sweet comment... I am done with ''winter'' (= it's only ice rain here..) I want to wear summer suff!! so enjoy it if its sunny there :) kisskiss sandra @ http://5inchandup.blogspot.com/

  2. I completely agree, I think sometimes they try too hard to be avantgarde (I know I spelled that completely wrong, but spell check doesn't want to help me out with it).