Samuel Hodge.

“Hodge’s photos seem to come into being on a different clock, a schedule both at odds with his day-to-day life and firmly embedded within it. The camera, often, isn’t even there. It’s not in his bag, nor is it slung over his shoulder. Recently, on a spontaneous combustion trip to Melbourne, a few of us, his friends, noticed the camera at his feet one afternoon. I didn’t see it again. That’s partly why the photographs he takes are so compelling. Often, they’re very casual, a snapshot of twilight outside a window, and then another snapshot of twilight outside the same window, and another and another. Within the context of the rest of his work, one wonders if there’s another man in the apartment behind Samuel – his feet sticking out of a blanket perhaps, or a girl making tea or petting a small dog. The photos drift in and out of each frame, a rambling life caught up in a moment of stability.” – Kate Jinx


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